Dr Kevin McManus

Amnesty International: free thinking

Article 19: free expression

Sense About Science: free debate

Medecins sans Frontiers: humanitarian action

WaterAid: transform lives

Fish Fight: marine conservation

Greenpeace: global conservation

Friends of the Earth: environment conservation

World Land Trust: habitat conservation

British Humanist Association: ethical life without religion

Richard Dawkins: foundation for reason and science

Stonewall: LGBT equality and justice

Time to change: let's end mental health discrimination

British Red Cross: humanitarian action

This is the unofficial homepage of Dr Kevin McManus, School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich, London, UK. My official homepage is somewhat tedious. Any opinions expressed in these pages are not representative of the University of Greenwich and are entirely my own.

This homepage is very old school having started some time back in late 1993. The University has however requested (2011) that I censor some of the content so as not to offend anyone. The assumption being that protection from being offended is some universal right. Every day I see things that offend me, ignorance in people who are supped to be informed, stupidity in people who are paid more than me, blatant sexism in the advertising industry, rampamnt consumerism, politicians who really should know better, horrid people on the news, sloth, greed, waste, loyalty cards,... it really is a long list. If one is never offended one is most likely deceased. I'm pretty sure that even the Dalai Lama gets offended. Mahatma Gandhi was certainly offended and quite right too. To be offended is to care, to actually give a shit, and that should be celebrated.