Dr. George Loukas

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I am a Senior Lecturer carrying out research and teaching in cyber-physical security, cyber-crime and digital communications. I am particularly active in industry-academia collaborations, in R&D and advisory capacity. Before joining the Univ. of Greenwich I was a government-funded advisor on R&D collaborations in the Defence & Security industry, and previously a PhD and post-doctoral research associate at Imperial College.

New Book

Cyber-physical attacks are security breaches in cyberspace that affect adversely physical space. From hijacking control of a smart home or an insulin pump, to making a car veer off the road and a drone to land in enemy hands, the book explores how attacks using computers affect the physical world in ways that were previously only possible through physical means.

Current and latest activities

  • On the editorial board of the Elsevier Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory journal
  • On the editorial board of the BCS Computer Journal, with a specialisation in information security
  • Co-chair of ICA3PP track on "Service Dependability and Security in Distributed and Parallel Systems", Malaga, Spain, 2016.
  • Co-organiser of IEEE Globecom's Social Collaborative Internet workshop (SCI-2015), San Diego, USA.
  • On the programme committee of IEEE MASCOTS, IEEE HPCC, IEEE ISCIS and PerNEM (IEEE PERCOM)
  • Grants reviewer for EPSRC, Israel Science Foundation and New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Book proposal reviewer for Elsevier (Morgan Kaufmann and Butterworth-Heinemann imprints)
  • Teaching (2015-16)

    Communication Systems 1 (COMP1587), Computer Systems Architecture (COMP1588), Network Security (COMP1561), Cyber Security (COMP1426), Audit and Security (COMP1431), Mobile and Network Technologies (COMP1706), Scholarly and Academic Practice (COMP1715)


    I have had the pleasure to work on a good number of large-scale and high profile research projects with splendid partners from industry, academia and the public sector. Currently, I am the UoG P.I. for the CHIST-ERA/EPSRC Cocoon project, coordinating work in emotion-aware cyber security for smart homes, and the EU H2020 TRILLION project, where I coordinate research on the secure collaboration of citizens and law enforcement agencies via social networks. I was also the P.I. of the EU ISEC E-CENTRE project, where I coordinated research on cybercrime and the detection of intent behind a cyber-attack. Previously, I worked for the highly acclaimed Aladdin project, where I coordinated the development of a building evacuation simulator, while in parallel developing technologies related to the ad hoc deployment of emergency comms in a disaster area. Within the CASCADAS, Hyperion and Saturn projects, I also developed mathematical models and real-world prototypes for autonomic detection and defence against network Denial of Service attacks.

    Latest research grants and other contracts

  • CHIST-ERA/EPSRC Cocoon project (277,000 euro), 2016-2018, P.I.
  • HEA: "Cyber Security Engineering MSc Conversion Course" (50,000 GBP), 2016, jointly with Diane Gan and Lachlan MacKinnon
  • REF Competitive: "Crowd-sourcing the Utilization of a Building using Bluetooth Low Energy" (~8,500 GBP), 2015-2016, jointly with Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis
  • REF Formulaic (48,000 GBP), 2015-2019, P.I.
  • EU Horizon 2020 TRILLION project (335,000 euro), 2015-2018, P.I.
  • UoG Pump Priming 2015: "An Internet of Things Living Lab: Building a Testbed for Smart Cities Technologies" (14,000 GBP), 2015, jointly with Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis
  • dstl 3-year PhD studentship on "Safeguarding Autonomous Vehicles from Cyber Attacks" (117,000 GBP), 2013-2016, jointly with Richard Anthony and Diane Gan
  • UoG VC's 3-year PhD studentship in "Cyber-physical security of robotic vehicles" (~65,000 GBP), 2012-2015, P.I.
  • EU ISEC 2011: ECENTRE - Cybercrime Centre of Excellence Network for Training Research and Education (63,000 euro), 2013-2014, P.I.
  • Cyber-physical security training of senior counterterrorism managers of the Metropolitan Police (37,500 GBP), 2012-2013, jointly with Diane Gan
  • UoG RIP 2012: Design and development of a test-bed for cyber-physical security (7,000 GBP), 2012-2013, P.I.
  • Current PhD students

  • Tuan Vuong: Cyber-physical security of robotic vehicles
  • David Gresty: Forensic timeline analysis
  • Ryan Heartfield: Social Engineering
  • Anatolij Bezemskij: Safeguarding Autonomous Vehicles from Cyber Attacks
  • Alumni PhD and Post-doc researchers

  • Dr. Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis - 2013-14, Research Fellow, E-Centre project: Detection of botnets through attacker profiling - Upon completion moved to a University of Greenwich lecturer position
  • Alumni junior researchers

  • Babak Takand - 2016, Student Software Developer for Wearable Devices
  • Orestis Mavropoulos - 2015, Student Software Developer: An Internet of Things Living Lab - Upon completion moved to a University of Brighton PhD position